Jeremy Parsons might be from a state synonymous with country music (Texas) and spent several years living in the Music City of Nashville itself, but Something Other Than You Are revels in a gentle folk sound. Not that there is too much of a distinction to be drawn, the two genres have always been kissing cousins anyway.

The song is a gentle and interesting reflection on bettering yourself, of aiming higher, of being something that you aren’t. But what is so wonderful here is that it is to the natural world that he looks for inspiration, grass, birds, flowers, stars rather than the usual stereotypical material and spiritual trappings of the human world.

And as the song gently chimes out, as its hypnotic ways pull you into its musical musings, it turns things around and suggests that it is also fine to be happy with your lot. It’s simple, effective and fairly unadorned, mainly vocals and acoustic guitar and all the better for its straightforward and unfussy approach. Sometimes it’s about the simple things in life, isn’t it?

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