Wow! Where to begin? Okay, let’s start at the top. I love the artist’s name, Achilles Tenderloin, which has about three puns piled up on each other…maybe more. The song comes from an EP called Summer Solstice Singles, which tells me that this is someone whose interests lie in unconventional places…much like myself.

Then there is the song itself. That voice! Man, that voice. Vulnerable to the point of making you want to break down and cry with him. Melancholy and carrying the weight of the world on his musical shoulders. You may think that you know what heart-aching sounds like, but you haven’t, not until you have given Little Girl Blue a spin.

And then there is the music. Coming off like The Pogues in a more reflective mood, taking on the bars and halls of the East Nashville alt-country scene, it rips the broken heart out of blues, takes the aching soul of folk and the forlorn and fallen narratives of country and moulds them into something else. Something so poignant and devastating that music journalists are yet to come up with an adequate name for it.

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