The single Little Girl Blue made me sit up and take notice, so an entire album of songs from this artist is not something I will allow to pass me by without thoroughly checking it out.

Things kick off with Torch Song, a song that sounds like Elvis had invented rock and roll whilst touring with a vaudeville revue travelling through the midwest in the 1920s, which, as openers go, is about as intriguing and enticing as it gets.

From there, things pan out in all directions towards points on the musical compass which you didn’t know existed. Kiss The Ground is Tom Waites playing warped folk music in the key of weird; Falls Thistlethwaite is cool country music which surprisingly seems to be following the rules; the title track is a Nick Cave-style ballad complete with Warren Ellis-style coils of violin, and the epic ebb and flow that that musical camp does so well. Of course, Little Girl Blue is where it all began for me, a Celtic folk ballad written by a group of Irish ex-pats who somehow washed up on the shores of The Mississippi! perhaps. Who can say for sure?

What can I say? If Little Girl Blue promised great things to come, even I was blown away by how much this album exceeded even my high expectations.

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