After taking some time to grieve the death of cultural icon and longtime collaborator Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Edley ODowd (Psychic TV) went on an excursion to ArmeniaColombia to reconnect with his old friend Christian Cruz. Their plan was to create some new sounds together and what ensued was the musical foundation for a new experimental/death rock project they dubbed Scorpion Tea.

Back in New York CityEdley and Christian called upon their friend, lyricist Anthony Diaz to give voice to this collection of songs described by Edley as a “band of monsters playing broken instruments”. To finalize the outfit, they enlisted bass player Fern Puma. Rehearsals began immediately, and soon the band embarked on recording at Studio 22in Los Angeles with Thomas Dolas (Thee Oh Sees, Mister Elevator) and Joo Joo (Air Bol Bol). The resulting album is scheduled to release on the auteur-focused label GIVE/TAKE in 2023.

Meshing cultural influences from EcuadorColombiaEastern Europe, and Puerto Ricowith their collective thirst for punkgothdeath rock, and city popScorpion Tea has created a sound described by vocalist Anthony as “the phonic expression of a den of ravenous creatures”.

Fern’s bass, dripping with dapper strength, smartly pairs with songwriter and guitarist Chris’ delectable, unnerving riffs while the bold flavor of Edley’s thunderous, yet sensitive drums and Anthony’s involute lyrical profile elicits an impending storm over a haunted forest. The resulting noise is a harmonious blend with a rich and complex profile that anyone with an ear for the heavy will enjoy.

Follow Scorpion Tea via GIVE/TAKE.

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