Although the title of the song might conjure up rabble-rousing, blues anthems from an earlier era, conscious soul, and the concerns of the physical world, what you are presented with as the song gets going is a million miles away from what I have just described.

Instead of a blast of social justice-driven bombast, we are greeted by a gentle wave of ambient acoustics, somewhat reminiscent of the musical territory Rich Jacques travels so deftly through.

And, like him, David Singley is concerned less with the change brought on by ourselves but looks for the various changes that the universe presents us with, if only you know where and, more importantly, how, to look.

Poignant music doesn’t have to shake the world. It can also come in soothing and subtle forms. It can caress and care rather than seek to smite and smash, precisely like the change that is the subject of his song. It’s a beauty, but in its own understated way, it’s a beast of a message.

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