Sitting somewhere between a hip Disney princess and the fairy godmother of soul, Jenna McSwain makes music which crosses both generations and genres. It is music designed to have as much appeal to the very young, who will revel in its gorgeous Day-Glo vibes, as to the long-in-the-tooth jazz aficionado, who will click with its soulfulness and sophistication straight away.

And it is music with chameleon-like qualities, seeming to change its nature as you listen. Some will hear a jaunty folkiness—others soul-jazz traditions. Younger listeners will love its easy accessibility, and older listeners its cool moves and breezy mood. In short, it speaks to all ages and incorporates numerous musical styles. I have no idea how she manages to forge music that mellifluous and varied, so playful and yet so well constructed.

But then, if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. I guess.

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