Liberty (New World Version) – JD Days & Temple (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Is there no musical style that JD Days can’t make his own? It would seem not. This time out, Liberty sees him move into some interesting territory,  a place where switched-on, politically aware pop-rap meets old-school, conscious soul. Previous songs such as Potential Crisis have neatly channelled his concerns about the direction that the world is heading in, even Vote Now dealt with serious themes in a less than serious way, so although generically a step into pastures new, thematically this feels like a logical next step.

Driven by a spacious beat and some liquid electronica floating through the middle ground, Liberty is built mainly on clever vocal blends, deft raps and soulful verses but it is the message which really takes centre stage. Are we sleepwalking into a new world order, one which is a political wolf dressed in liberal sheep clothing? That is the big question isn’t it?

It is interesting that as people are collectively turning away from the massaged messages which come out of the mouths of politicians, media guru’s, spin doctors and those we have traditionally looked to for guidance, it is the arts, music in particular, that seems to be creating a more trustworthy forum. Time to get your political groove on people!

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