Love ballads often get a bad rap. But then again many do actually deserve the reputation that they get. Angel Woman might be a love ballad but it is also just as much a chilled pop song, a slice of understated indie, a dial-down piece of pop-rock.  Names and genres just seem to get in the way. So labels aside, Angel Woman walks a fine line between the restrained and the romantic, the deft and the desirous, sensuous sensibilities and succulent sonics…excuse the excessive use of alliteration. But also where as many songs in the same territory are built of wispy, ambient textures and translucent sonics, this is built out of confident yet sparing musical lines which give a wonderful solidity not always found in its competitors.

As the first taster of a forthcoming album due out at the end of the year, it marks JD Days as a songwriter to watch, one who might work with one eye on the pop market but who manages to push the boundaries of the form into more discerning and more mature areas. The fact that Stuart Epps, a name associated with everyone from Zeppelin to Elton John, was in the production chair speaks volumes but at the end of the day it is all about the song. And the song is great. 

Sweet acoustica meets indie cool meets rock and roll know how. Job done.

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