Transmission – Hemisphere (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Hemisphere does that rarest of things – make music which is both eclectic and controlled. The former term is generally applied to music which is wild and wide-ranging, the latter to music which is “in the pocket,” as the saying goes.

But here the two terms apply because Transmission seems to be a heady blend of many genres, pop, jazz, yacht-rock (meant in the nicest possible meaning of the phrase,) electronica and even a touch of that pioneering New Romantic sound, yet played in such a way that they all fit neatly together, tight, organised and logical. Like a set of sonic Russian dolls, look inside one sound or style and you see it filled out by another and so on down to the heart of the song.

The result is fascinating mainly because it doesn’t really fit neatly into any genre or scene, doesn’t follow any fad or fashion. Neither does it sound as if it belongs necessarily to the past nor the future. Maybe that is what they call timeless music. And timeless music is not a bad badge to wear on your sleeves.

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