Girl – Waterplanet (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The things I love about Waterplanet are the same things I have always loved about bands such as Violent Femmes. The sparseness and acoustic drive of the instrumentation, the strange, busker-like and slightly off-kilter nature of delivery, the wilful under-production, the rustic charm and just the sheer purposefully off-message, fashionable speaking, sound that they make.

In fact everything about it is so wrong for the modern, commercial music world, and that is exactly why it deserves to be leading the way in such quarters. Surely we have had enough of identikit pop and heartless dance music, isn’t it time for something chiming and charming, understated and full of soul, something intimate and warm? Yes, yes, yes and a thousand yeses!

Girl is a bitter-sweet number, musically innocent but lyrically much wiser than its sound suggests, revelling in revenge, served wonderfully cold, about living a life on the outside but being in the right place when those who forced you to wander such lonely peripheries get their comeuppance! Sweet, innocence and deadly! What a killer combination.

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  1. Dave, thank you so much for your support of our music. This is the most focused, insightful review we have ever reveived. And thanks, too, for loving our song “She Won’t Come Down”. Have a great week! WP

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