Potential Crisis – JD Days (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Say what you like about JD Days but there is no denying that he is able to turn his hand to pretty much any genre he chooses. Angel Woman is pure romantic balladry, Vote Now raucous, busker-folk and this latest single is a more questioning slice of pop-rock. So he’s done the wonderfully personal, the perfect political pub singalong and now he goes for the powerful and the poignant.

And the timing couldn’t be more perfect. With a US election looming, the UK’s near-future uncertain at best and flash points of conflict and culture clash flaring up all over the globe, Potential Crisis is a warning as to what tomorrow may hold for us all, for our communities, our countries and the world as a whole. As always he is smart enough to not commit to an obvious stance but its easy to see where he is coming from and the overall warning is stark and unmissable.

Potential Crisis drives along on rock energy and pop perkiness in equal measure, it is slightly brooding and takes some darker subject matter, the video projects some visions of a society which perhaps suggests that humanity might not even feature in the long term plan, but it is melodic, anthemic and accessible too.

Perhaps people are numb to politicians trying to spin their plans for the future on the voter, perhaps we are feed up with the widening gap between the haves and have-nots, maybe we have switched off to the information that we are being fed. That’s were the arts comes in. It has always been an important means of communication, especially for the big ideas and more existential threats. Potential Crisis is a return to music as just such a means of communication. Will people listen? We can only hope.

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