Thy Veils is the perfect legacy of those early synth pioneers and post-punk keyboard revolutionaries who kicked off the genre they work in. There is still a hint at the core of songs such as Influx of those early, formative days. But, over time, with generic evolution and increasingly more capable technology, their sound shows them to be the more polished, more elegant, more professional, and more agile descendant.

Influx is fantastic. A blend of bubbling pulses and infectious beats yet draped in gossamer thin digital layers, an array of subtle tones and lush textures build, one on top of the other, into waves and washes of electronic delicacy. The balance of soft sensuality and more rigid dance structures is so well executed here, the delicate vocal deliveries spiralling around more strident electronic urges. The split personality of the human and the computerised worlds coming together to form new musical life is something which really defines the sound.

I’m sure that those people who kicked this sound off in the first place would approve. I know I do.

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