Thy Veils has mastered the art of blending gentle dance grooves with more ambient and seductive music. They exist at a point where pop music becomes more filmic and cinematic, where contemporary music adopts the mantel of almost classical grace, where beauty takes precedent over beat, grace over groove.

Upstream is their latest, gorgeous sonic enterprise, a drifting and delicate wash of subtle synths and distant trumpets, shimmering soundscapes and beguiling beats. And all of this lays out the perfect platform for the vocals, vocals which often hang just beyond hearing, as much an instrument as a means of communication.

It is a sound which feels European, a mix of the dark and the sublime, the cool and the calm, a nod to a post-punk past and a step into a bright new future. But it is a sound that also seems to stalk across the landscape, across continents, across the globe, its delicate charms, subtlety and suppleness somehow seeming to hide the addictiveness and ambition that lies at its heart.

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