For many people, music is just a throwaway commodity, something to be consumed and exchanged for the next fad or fashion that is following it. A fickle and fragile thing, always changing, shallow and replaceable. But for Daniel Dorobanțu, the man behind Thy Veils, it is more, so much more.

He uses his musical creations to explore and mirror the universe and it is a journey of both sonic contradiction and deep meaning. His music drifts and washes, waves of ambient sound both human and otherworldly, and it is in such clashes that he shows us the duality of the musical world that he creates.

The music is the result of the human manipulation of the inhuman world, an organic mind controlling the codes of the digital world to make something truly beautiful. Its ambient electronic nature feels at odds with the delicacy that it results in. The music sounds both timeless and futuristic, the sound of the universe as focused through a human filter, the unfathomable and infinite focused through one small point in time and place. It is the sound of the digital trying to be analog, of massed orchestral sounds made by the single press of a button, of the small and insignificant filling the whole universe. It is meditative, mindful and truly marvelous.

This is music that feels bigger, older and more important every time you listen to it. It seems to fill every space, and cocoons the listener in ancient sound and wordless communication, like an alien race trying to communicate or the sound of the universe itself contemplating its existence. It is adventurous, in an understated and peaceful way, it is experimental and it is unique.

Some music is fine for a quick fix, a jolt of excitement, the soundtrack to another Friday night on the town. Some music is so much more, this is one of those times.

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