CE Freddie showcases precisely where the more progressive end of urban music is with this latest album. I call it urban music because trying to define it any tighter would prove impossible. Believe me, I’ve tried.

It may lean in towards electronic beat making and sampling, but there is an adventurousness and experimental spirit which sees the album hop genres, push boundaries, ignore the rules and head off toward its own future, irrespective of where everyone else is headed.

What I Got might be a skittering, glitchy-beat dancefloor oddity, and I mean that in the very best of ways, but right after it, Let’s Make It is a blend of acoustic guitar cascades and big beats, creating beautiful atmospheres and making room for the song to breath.

And then there are songs such as Just Leave Me Alone, which wanders into brooding and understated electro-rock territory, a sort of gothic-hip-hop dance number, or a dystopian disco dirge.

And that is why you can’t pigeonhole the music. It’s too exploratory, too odd, and too challenging. One day all albums will be made this way.

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