Hesitate – Sons of Silver (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Hesitate grooves. It grooves a lot. And then some. It grooves more than a groovy thing getting its groove on in Grooveland during the annual Grooveday celebrations. But, I guess that if you are going to turn your hand to low-slung rock and roll, and Hesitate is unquestionable that, then groove is the thing that should be upmost in your mind. That, and relentlessness, slow-burning hypnotics, power, poise, grunt and grit, and they are all present too.

As I said before when talking about the most excellent Doomsday Noises album, Sons of Silver might lean a lot towards the classic rock sound but they also bring plenty of alt-rock swagger to the game, as well as no small amount of their own originality and adventurousness.

There is nothing new under the sun, and that goes doubly so for rock and roll, but if you can tackle such heavy-riffing, hard-hitting sonic territory and still come out with a song that uses all of the usual tricks but still feels much more about where the genres going, rather than where it has been, then you get my vote any day of the week.

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