Weekend Night In America – Josh Christina (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Rattling honky-tonk meets raucous rock’n’roll in a blend that immediately reminds you of 70’s Elton John? It’s fair to say that you have my attention. And why wouldn’t you? 70’s Elton was great, and so is this. It is full of rock energy but unlike the usual, tried and tested, overplayed rock = guitars formula being wheeled out, here there is something cleverer at work as the piano chops through the sonic proceedings providing both beat and melody as it powers the song on.

And then the lyrical delivery is the icing on the cake. A Saturday night narrative of celebration, booze and mayhem and we already know that it is a night that is alright for fighting. Don’t we? (winkyemoticon).

The perfect blend of pop poise and rock drive, of lyrics which conjure all manner of scenes and scenarios from the bustling streets, of hammering pianos and reserved guitar licks all working in unison.

I think that it is going to be a long, long time before I hear another song of this calibre. Definitely a case of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, hello Josh Christina!

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