That’s how you kick an album off, grab the listener and leave a lasting impression in their mind. Rude Awakenings comes charging out of the speakers all staccato grooves, low-slung, foot on the monitor guitar riffs and a master class in musical dynamics. For a track that really kicks arse and cuts the mustard, there is a great use of space, but in the hands of Sons of Silver, it’s less that the song utilizes space, rather than it seems to be…err…unfull. If that makes sense.

And across four further tracks, they deliver some beguiling rock and roll, perfectly gelling with modern tastes in that they are channelling a sound that is built on a timeless vibe and so by definition is always current.

Outbreak hits the listener like a tone of bricks, Read ‘Em There Rights is surprisingly smooth and melodic, considering their love of choppy grooves and bam-bam beats and World on Fire is a rabble-rousing, fist in the air, anthem. It is Deep Division which really breaks with their core sound, proving that they are just as musically deft when they decide to lay back a bit, following more bluesy templates but still making them their own.

On the one hand, Doomsday Noises is the sound of unaging rock and roll going about its business, on the other, it is the sound of a modern band bending that sound to its own ends. Not by a lot, just enough to plant a flag in their own corner of the genre.

The result? Reassuring familiarity meets fresh and original songs. Job done!

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