As the name suggests, this is a funky little number, at least in passing. I say that because it starts in a very understated and minimalist place and ends up closer to anthemic rock. Along the way, however, it takes in everything from beguiling electronica, ambient rock, funk and eventually, epic and anthemic rock. It is difficult to think of a style that doesn’t get, at least, some small passing reference.

And whilst that might seem like a lot to fit in, the masterful slow build, the gentle upward sonic curve and the increase in dynamic weight as it moves are never less than tasteful and, perhaps more importantly, logical.

Clay Joule is a global wanderer, a frequent flyer and someone who has called seven different countries throughout his life. As such, it is only natural that he has written a song that is a tribute to the airline workers who have kept people able to travel during the difficult times of the recent pandemic.

The song is at turns, chilled and calm, groovy and graceful, slick and soulful, occasionally ragged and glorious, big and clever, powerful and purposeful. How can you not love a song like that, especially one that comes from such a heartfelt place?

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