Clay Joule makes music that has some seriously life-affirming qualities to it. His music is big, positive, celebratory and full of buoyancy and bounce and what better subject to pour all of those vibes into than a full-on celebration of summer itself?

As the temperatures rise and the summer strengthens its grip, thoughts turn to beach parties, barbeques, and outdoor socializing. And whilst some music is made to be deep and thoughtful, to give you something to ponder and to pose interesting questions, Clay Joule’s latest release offers something more relevant to the weather, simpler in its purpose, and more direct in its execution. Summer Breeze, as the name suggests, is a straightforward, uncomplicated, good time track.

And why not, winter seemed to last forever and the last few years with the fears and restrictions that we were subjected to means that the last traditional summer seems a long time away. So this is the perfect track to get us back into our old ways, the soundtrack to days at the beach, barbeques and gatherings in the back garden, road trips and warm summer nights, good times with family and friends and perhaps in the back of the mind the feeling that at least some sort of normality is returning to the world.

Like the previous upbeat Funky Sphere, itself a tribute to those who worked hard to keep global air travel open and operating at a difficult time, here the feeling is joyous and thankful. And that is something that comes not just from the subject matter but from the way that the song is composed and constructed. It may have a simple start but it gets big very quickly, words such as euphoric, anthemic and incendiary all spring to mind.

Percussion sits at the heart of the song, busy, buoyant and bountiful, as you might expect from a singing-drummer, which is what Clay Joule is. But if that beat and bounce is the heart of the song, it is what is arranged around it that brings it to its full potential. Bass lines pulse and power, piano pounds and provides propulsion, the vocals reach for heady heights and then, to get things over the line, the guitar takes centre stage, rocking out and racing home with electronic wizardry from the keyboards driving the momentum effortlessly and effectively.

The video provides the perfect harmony of sound and vision, a collection of perfect images to help make the point – beach walks, road trips, socialising in the sun and the titular Summer Breeze blowing through, keeping things cool.

Clay Joule is the dose of positivity that you need in your life and Summer Breeze is the high point of his music releases. Though I suspect that I will be saying something similar next time around!

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