As the temperatures rise and the summer strengthens its grip, thoughts turn to beach parties, barbeques, and outdoor socializing. And whilst some music is made to be deep and thoughtful, to give you something to ponder and to pose interesting questions, Agaapi’s latest EP offers something more relevant to the weather, simpler in its purpose, and more direct in its execution. Summer Days, as the name suggests, is a party album!

As Oceanside kicks in, it is a matter of mere seconds before you are caught in the spell of the music. It is infectious, addictive, and a lot of fun. And from there to the point where the final notes of Take Care drift off into the setting sun, we are treated to one anthemic dance track after another. Mainly instrumental, but with the beats and the bubbling buoyancy doing most of the talking anyway, it is energetic, euphoric, and upbeat.

If you could turn the spirit of summer into a sonic rendering, then this is exactly how I imagine it would sound.

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