Anything that sounds like the sonic love child of an 80’s consol game, a drum machine demo setting and an early synth-pop band has to be something worth giving a few spins, right? Right. Well, that might be a bit unfair as a description, for while Drum Machine Joy is certainly shot through with such references, it also slowly evolves into something more songlike, more of the here and now, more contemporary.

If you remember fairground arcade games back in the ’70s, you could be excused for thinking that this song was recorded in the corner of such a place, the whirls and wizzes bleeding into the music organically. Or that Sweet Lily Love may work in the back room of a workshop fixing retro computer games. Or maybe even a place where a computer has become sentient and decided to write its own songs based on its own cool and clinical experience.

Whatever the story behind it, it is unexpectedly likeable, slowly evolving from a nostalgic sound palette into a futuristic song style, stopping off at every tech type and era along the way. It is infectious, groovesome and relentless, energetic to the point of euphoric and, in many ways, not of the real world. If it is, then it is the result of the game’s world heading into musical territory rather than the other way around. Music of the Matrix perhaps?

With a new album, going by the name of Fresh, also available, this being the opening salvo, taste test and audience teaser, then the time is right to get into Sweet Lily Love and her world of bits and bytes, digital dance and gamer-core…is that a thing, I guess it is now.

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