There has been plenty of music over the years, usually, that emanating from the more rock and metal realms, that has aligned itself with some of mankind’s darker urgers and the universe’s darker forces. So it is fantastic to come across music that redresses that balance by exploring some more optimistic and life-affirming pathways.

Raise My Vibration offers exactly that, pop music that has real lyrical depth and real musical addiction. It’s a heady combination, not only music which conforms to all the requirements of a, not just modern but cutting-edge pop but pop music that is forged of joyous and genuine vibes.

With song titles such as Meditate and Om (a symbol, mantra and universal sound so important to Hindu belief) it is clear to see where he is coming from. But this is no heavy treatise on awakening or hippy ideal, it is accessible, educative and exciting and the music which drives the message fizzes with energy to the point of euphoria.

The title track is as groovy and dance fuelled (in a suitably chilled sort of way) as any of its less in-depth rivals, No Limit To My Sky is reserved and balladic and Spiritual Love is a fantastic slice of purposeful neo-soul feeling like a wonderful update on Barry White’s signature style.

Raise My Vibration is a charming album, one that oozes gentle pop, soothing soul and digital dance. It is also an album of layers. If you are just looking for some great new music to explore, you can easily just dip a toe into its sensational sonic waters. If you are looking for something deeper and meaningful then diving deeper is always an option. And if you are looking for a totally immersive experience, a chance to unlock its secrets you may find that it is ages before you come up for air.

And when you do, don’t be surprised if you are not quite the same person as when you took the plunge. When was the last time you could say that about a pop album?

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