From My Brain To You – Flippin’ Gothic Fabp (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If life is indeed like a box of chocolates, then the world that Fabp operates in is like a hundred boxes of chocolates smashed with a sledge-hammer, mushed back into one squidgy ball of sweetness, fired from a canon, gathered back together and then used to write sonic graffiti on the wall of the nearest underground nightclub! The idea that you never know what you are going to get the moment you step inside one of his albums doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Urban is a word you could start with, his music seems to conform loosely to R&B grooves, underground dance moves, hip-hop vibes, futuristic soul styles and reggae swagger. But that is just the starting point. Through this sonic core he weaves strange samples, wonky electronica, ambient drifts and music which is hard to describe…a sort of personal musical glue which holds all of these more conventional sounds together but which also is that unknown factor unique to Fabp-World.

Fabp makes music which is like an anagram of the music that you already recognise, like a Rubik’s Cube of sound that generally spins round into ever shifting, familiar patterns but is just as likely to wander into his own world of sound clash, set confusion and sonic collision. If you ask what the sound of the future might be, perhaps Fabp isn’t quite it but at least he is pushing boundaries and drawing new lines in the sand. Okay, he might not be what the future holds in the grand scheme of things but he is certainly an important stepping stone towards it.

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