Real 2 Reel – Flippin’ Gothic Fabp (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Everything about Fabp, or whatever he is calling himself this week, confuses me. But that is a good thing…right? The world needs to re-embrace mystery, the music world especially, and just because  I find something odd and confusing, just because I can’t necessarily define it or explain it, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t intrigue me. In fact it usually intrigues me all the more. Like a puzzle that you want to solve or an end of level boss that you need to defeat before you can unlock the next part of the game.

The fact that the opening track on this latest release is a history of the artists name changes tells you everything you need to know about how extra-ordinary and enticing this sonic ride is going to be. And as always it is a challenging collection of songs to navigate and you find yourself wandering electronically built soundscapes which replicate everything from hip-hop to reggae, pop to rap, dance to avant-garde…sometimes all at the same time! Anarcho-rap? Perhaps!

But music only moves on because of the geniuses and madmen, the sonic explorers and those willing to destroy history and start again. And that is what Real 2 Reel sounds like, someone taking a sledge hammer to the history of music, reducing it to rubble and then using those battered building blocks to fashion something new. Strange, angular, experimental, mind-altering…but new.

So here I am at the other end of this short review and I still have no idea what I have just listened to. But you can rest assured I want to play it again. Hold my pen, I’m going in….

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