There seem to be some wonderful hidden depths to be found in Personal. What at first appears to be a slick and modern electro-R&B song about ending a relationship whilst trying to convince the other party not to take things personally, also echoes Davon’s own struggle when trying to forge a career in music. That was a very different kind of relationship but one which he needed to put behind him if he was ever going to realise his dream to be a singer and songwriter.

Personal is therefore a highly relatable song, we’ve all been there, its the stuff of life and love but one which also resonates more deeply and more personally for the artist too. But it’s easy ways and infectious sound will mean that listeners form an immediate attraction to its soulful, pop ways and cutting edge electro-grooves. 

A song dealing with the oldest of themes perhaps but one which re-explores those timeless situations accompanied by the most modern of sounds and the coolest of sonic moves. There are only so many stories to tell but there are an infinite ways of telling them and here Davon! proves himself to be the master of sonic narration.

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