Nova – Beemo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If Beemo isn’t the perfect bridge between the established traditions of Celtic folk and country rock, and the sound of contemporary indie music, then it will certainly do until a better bridge comes along. Nova, a succulent sonic taster from the album Bustin’ Out, is a buoyant and boisterous sing-along, upbeat and euphoric in the traditions of the best bar room jam but also shot through with all of the sonic touches which make it perfect for the modern pop and indie market.

Mandolins chime, bass lines run rampant, being almost a lead line in their own right, the beat is infectious, the lyrics pop right into the ear and out again through the mouth and you’ll find yourself boogieing around, singing along or punching the air before you hit the end of the first chorus. By the time the middle-eight guitar break comes around you will be doing all three…and probably more besides.

Beemo makes music which knows where it comes from, has a perfect vision of where it is going but sounds like the only thing that really matters is this one moment of sonic seduction and musical marvellousness. And after all, living in the moment is the ethic and attitude that rock ’n’roll…or should that be rock ’n’ reel… was built on.

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