It’s a couple of years since The Pink Dust first blipped on my radar with the single Fathom and then the EP of the same name. Dark Seas is their new full-length album and it is a glorious affair. Each release has felt like walking through an ever-broadening sonic landscape. If Fathom, the single, offered a glimpse of this wondrous place and the EP which followed threw open a veil to reveal more of its delights, then Dark Sea’s is the equivalent of standing on a mountain top looking down on new and mystical land.

And it is a land that holds many charms and rewards. There is the expected, hazy, pop beauty of Daydreams Are Dying, the delicacy and restraint of We Are Stars but there are also groove-driven creations that would be perfect for the dancefloor of a nightclub at the end of the universe such as Evermore and Wide Awake.

If I can just steal a lyric from one of my favourite artists to explain the relationship between Fathom and what they have set before us now. “That was the river, this is the sea.” Time to take the plunge!

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