Rojo EP – Drawing Arrows (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I’ve said it many times before. There is a sweet spot between pop and rock music that manages to combine the best of both genres. Find your way to that magical crossroads and you will find that your music is imbued with the infectiousness of the mainstream and the weight and swagger of rocks sonic heights. Drawing Arrows seem more than aware of this and Rojo would suggest that they have not only found their way there but sold their soul to the melodic devil who guards it.

This three-song salvo is essentially a love letter to rock music but one using as many pop sensibilities as it is building blocks as it does rock grunt. No Remedy is filled with rock attituded but grooves like a sultry, dance floor diva and Genius blisters and bristles with pop-rock heat. Between the two we find Siren which proves that even when the band slow things down they are just as deft at working melody into the foot-on-the-monitor bombast that many of their contemporaries are happy to settle for.

Rock with melody? Pop with balls? Groove with grit? Infectiousness with integrity? Take your pick.

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