Fathom, the single, was an unexpected pleasure, so much so that it made me keen to hear what else this musically astute duo had up their sleeves. With the arrival of a four-track e.p. of the same name the question is answered and alongside the title track we are offered up three more slices of music which seems to wander many generic paths. They explore rock’s weight and pops addictiveness, digital potential and analogue traditions, proggy structures and psychedelic flights of fancy, the then, the now and the what if!

After the strange, post-rock meets acid-laced psychedelia meets electronica of Fathom, which I won’t dwell on again, I’m Gone embraces their electro-pop inspirations but rather than play to the 80’s synth wave resurgence which seems to happening in some corners of the pop world, they still somehow sound futuristic, which was what drove that whole electronic scene in the first place. There is a languidly and a looseness that balances out the oft-clinical nature of electronic music and which sets them apart from the pack.Things That Matter Most blends these electronic and proggy urges even further and Lonely Still is a wonderfully dark and disembodied slice of cinematic music. 

If Fathom hinted at a more alt-rock adventure, across these four tracks The Pink Dust prove to be even more interesting than you might have first thought. Fathom, the e.p, is rock music being made with electronic tools, progressive music made to tight and taught restrictions, the next pop step and the death and rebirth of rock, the dance floor growing up and wanting more and the future echoing the sound of the past. That’s a lot to cover in just four songs but somehow they do it!

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