New Dangers – Beyond Here (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The term alternative rock is as broad and unwieldy as the generic label that it offers an alternative to. Starting life as a way of defining music that stood apart from, say, classic rock, it now seems to include a broader spectrum than the thing that it used to be a subset of.

That said, alternative rock is a great term for Beyond Here. But New Dangers is an album that shows the limitations and contradictions of sticking too closely to a generic label. But it is such contradictions that also make New Dangers such a great album.

It knows how to rock out, and does so in a way that is full of forward-thinking sonic attitudes whilst still standing on the shoulders of what has gone before. It is melodic and accessible, though not in a way that panders to the mainstream…though that isn’t to say that the songs found here aren’t chart-worthy given the right sonic winds to give them a push. It is also an album rich in technical ability and integrity but not to the point that the band become “musician’s musicians,” New Danger is about the songs and the listener’s enjoyment, rather than playing to the gallery.

Cool album, great band.

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