It’s been a long while since Tyler Edwards graced the pages of this site, too long, and I will accept that the failing is mine not his, but I can’t be everywhere. Thankfully, Tyler is back with a full album to make up for that deficit and it is a glorious affair.

It’s a fine mix of traditional country and Americana sounds and more forward-thinking indie takes on such sounds, it is supple and subtle, understated and awesome. With the instrumentation, for the most part, happy to sit back and create a lush but minimal platform, it is the voice and the song-crafting that are projected forward and he never lets you down.

Sugar Hill sounds like Damien Rice adopting a more Americana sound without losing the richness and minimalist approach to music, Heroes is sassy and groovesome, taking some cool pop and jazz vibes with it as it strides towards new audiences and Chaos and Curls is a sweet and discerning piece of singer-songwriter acoustica.

If you had Tyler Edwards pegged as being just another Americana crooner or solo troubadour, A Falling Sky is the moment when all preconceptions and expectations are blown wide open and a whole different, broader and genuinely exciting artist emerges on the scene.


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