I love albums like this, they really challenge me as a writer. Why? Because they challenge the music industry as a whole and I am part of that. Take the opening number, the gloriously titled, I’m A Wreck, Not A Queen, where does it fit in generically? Is it a new take on hip-hop? Is it dream-pop that has gained a bit of musical muscle? Is it underground pop, noir-soul, alt-indie? Does it even matter? I guess not, the important thing is that not only is the album full of great creations, but it also raises questions. It makes you feel, it makes you think.

Don’t Go Anywhere is a dark dance, a disco dirge in the best possible way and They Whisper Voodoo is a sort of apocalyptic trip-hop as a successor to mutant blues.

Even once you get to the other end you are faced with the idea that you still haven’t fathomed out truly what the album is about, or where it comes from generically…you just know that you loved every moment of it. The answers may be revealed by successive spins, maybe they won’t but you know that you are going to play this to death anyway.

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