For just the opening track alone, a sort of rootsy groover filled with sass and soul, Steve McCormick should be hoisted onto the shoulders of the assembled throng and carried like a lord through the streets. But that is just the first of eight tracks that make up the album of the same name, an album where he doesn’t put a foot …or indeed, a finger…wrong throughout.

My Sister is bluesy and full of groove, smoothed over with soulful sweetness, What Are You Afraid Of? is languid and loose, full of emotion and depth and Tie Me up is filled with Island vibes, the dark and noirish sort resulting in a sort of voodoo pop.

The strange charm of the album is that Steve McCormick is able to hop from one genre to another at will, and visit any number of styles and sounds on his way to creating this glorious album, yet they never sound like anything other than Steve McCormick. What a great skill to have. What a great album too. If you buy only one album this week, buy this. If you can afford to buy two, buy this twice…just to be on the safe side.

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