Regular readers of this site might very well ask why we would include a cover of such an established standard in our coverage of what is hip, hot and breaking in the world of new music. Others might even ask why people still feel the need to cover such classic songs, after all, the definitive version must be out there already.

Well, to answer the second question first, as the lyrics were actually co-written by Richy Snyder’s father, I guess he has more justification than most for revisiting this classic of the Golden Era. And if a cover of such a standard is done well, and this is done very well indeed, why not give it a new lease of life.

Faithful to the original, a bed of twinkling piano, subtle bass and supple beats allows Synder’s voice to dance lightly and lithely across this salvo of jazz-cool understatement and the results are as glorious as you always hope such reinterpretations will be.

Note to modern artists: If you are going to choose such a song to cover, make sure you are able to do it this much justice.

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