“Hook Heavy Americana,” you say? Nice! A Southern Rock band from New Jersey? Different. An honest-to-goodness ex-trucker bringing back the twang to modern music? Let me at it!

Just as before with the single Elaine, here they blend the grunt with the grace, by that I mean that for every slash of raw guitar and uplifting crescendo, there is an equal amount of pop accessibility. For each bluesy line, there is a ballsy interlude. For each touch of sass, there is a tidal wave of soul. It’s what Working Class Hussys do so well.

And the result is something that, whilst being built out of recognisable and traditional musical threads, from blues to soul to southern rock to soul, is nothing if not the way forward for rock and roll. No pressure then! It’s a big responsibility to shoulder but, even on the strength of hearing two releases, I am confident that Work Class Hussys are more than up to the task.

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