I have always admired Tyler Edwards‘s ability to take country music to a new place. Perhaps so new that it is no longer country music at all but an altogether different place, one that is equal amounts of ambient Americana, lush indie shimmer and unique Tylerism.

That is certainly what is happening on this new single, Delta. It is a song that seems to flow with deliberate laziness, unhurried and gentle, like the waters that inspired it. The guitar work shimmers like the sun on said waters, and as he describes the landscape around him, you can hear the noises of that place and feel the calming wind and the warm sun.

Perhaps, like the waters that find their way to Delta lands, his music is the product of all the influences and experiences it has passed through, a sound that mixes and merges to produce a sound purely his own. Maybe he is just good at what he does. I suspect both to be true.

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