You Stole My Heart Away – Brian Iannucci (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

His music may be country music at its core but there is something very different about the way Brian Iannucci approaches the genre. Maybe it is the deft and delicate piano playing that informs the heart of a song like You Stole My Heart Away. Maybe it is the more mainstream pop vibes and balladic nature that he weaves through the song. Maybe it is just that he is more adventurous, more eclectic, more unique than your average writer working in that genre.

Whatever the reason, the result is songs as great as this. You Stole My Heart Away has a country feeling pulsing gently through it but there is also a soulfulness, the two genres merging into a sound that is full of the emotion and honesty of the former and the sweetness and seduction of the latter.

Country music with a difference? Sure. Country music with hidden depths? Absolutley!

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