Something Love – ET Boys (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pop is always reinventing itself, that’s what it does, that’s what it has to do to stay relevant. Revolution might be fine for grabbing headlines but it is the evolution that is the real driving force behind the music. And the sound of ET Boys new release is the sound of evolution at work. Following hot on the heels of Sober, they return with a cool blend of melodic rap deliveries, slow dance grooves, gently tumbling, trap-infused beats and pop infectiousness.

Something Love is a gorgeous mix of hazy summer harmonies and heady vibes, sultry swagger and effortless cool. It moves at its own pace, unfazed by fad or fashion, happier to do things its own way rather than pander to the expectation of the masses or try to copy what has gone before.

As a track, it is a deft blend of both the familiar and fresh, just enough of the sunshine vibes that you expect mixed with more adventurous and understated song-crafting that makes it stand out. Nu pop indeed!

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