Survival – Moors & McCumber (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The term folk-rock, a label which seems to often be levelled at Moors & McCumber, might accurately describe the clever blend of delicacy and drive which lies at the heart of their sound, but it is only the very tip of the sonic iceberg.

As their latest album, Survival, neatly demonstrates, there is so much more going on in their music than such a label would imply. The opening salvo, Lean Into The Light, is a smart blend of pop and Americana, honesty and infectiousness and the title track is a sort of country-soul ballad, one that marries understatement to drama.

Sugar in The Blood proves that they can turn their hand to jaunty indie, a fantastic blend of grace and groove and the sonic journey ends with the cool and calculated The Mess We’re In, a slow-burning, gentle, folk gallop that takes the album perfectly over the finishing line.

Once again Moors & McCumber remind us that modern roots music is in safe hands.

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