Yelloh Archipelago – Yelloh (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Brothers working together usually contribute notorious, even explosive, anecdotes to the ongoing story of modern music. Thankfully, not all collaborations end in such destructive ways and Yelloh prove that, rather than dragging each other down, brothers can actually build each other up, spur each other on to even greater heights. Siblings Liq and M33CH have gradually moved from critiquing each others work to full on collaboration and even though they each still have solo careers in their own right, they see the immediate future as being as a duo.

Yelloh Archipelago is a collection of ten tracks based around slow grooving, hip-hop beats and hard-hitting street level lyrics. And whilst they stay true to the swaggering traditions and incendiary sonics associated with the modern urban sound, they also embrace its experimental and rule breaking nature. Opening salvo, No Plays, flows on top of operatic and otherworldly backing vocals, Yelloh Bay Vibes is a skittering a soulful outpouring and Sunrise is a bruising and brooding slice of futuristic hip-hop.

The album tips its hat to the past yet looks to the future. It stays true to the hip-hop heart whilst wilfully reinventing it.

The future is bright, the future is Yelloh!

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