Home – Paul Karcz (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You can forget about generic descriptions and musical styles, the word which immediately springs to mind when hearing Home for the first time is …epic! And then, as the plaintive piano intro explodes into a bigger, rock fuelled ballad, words such as anthemic, dynamic and dramatic all tumble through the mind to join that initial descriptive tag.

But don’t get me wrong, the words rock and ballad might be in worryingly close proximity but you can put aside all thoughts of the dreaded power ballad, this is something much more honest, authentic, filled with integrity and heart. Paul Karcz seems to have a way of taking some familiar sounds, simple piano lines, crunching guitars, metronomic backbeats and bass pulses, not to mention a soaring and searing vocal line, and fashion them into something wonderfully unexpected.

Unexpected because of the poise found within the power, the grace in the grind, the classical-esque, string washes and the heartstring tugging moments which lie at the eye of this rock and roll storm. It is a fine line to walk but Home is the sound of a sure-footed artist performing the perfect sonic balancing act.

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