Won’t Let Go – La Sinclair (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As the world becomes a smaller place it is only logical that sounds and styles merge, cultures and musical traditions weave together and even languages become interchangeable. Not that Acapulco, Mexico and California, USA, the two places that La Sinclair has called home, are that far apart but her ability to deliver her songs in both Spanish and English says something about the way pop music will evolve.

There is also something in the slow, sultry, slightly latin grooves and the cutting edge pop sounds that she draws deftly around her which speaks of an interesting next step for such music. Music, after all is about emotion and mood, the ability to soak up feelings via the soundscapes you encounter, so does it really matter if you don’t understand every word when the music is able to impart its emotive message via the heart rather than the head. As an indication of where pop music is today Won’t Let Go is a useful insight. As an indication of where pop music is heading, it is priceless.

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