They say that everyone has that one novel in them. I think the modern equivalent is that we all have that one song in us…and it is probably about having your heart broken. Denial is Fawaz’s break-up song, a sweet slice of R&B infused pop, driven by slow, trippy backbeats and dripping with emotion. Such songs are as old as humanity, or at least as old as music and the two elements, emotion and melody, have always made the perfect bedfellows…ironic really considering the subject matter is generally about the exact opposite.

And despite the song’s personal, reflective and laconic nature it is something that we can all relate to, after all we have all been there, probably more than once. And so if such emotional upheaval is all part of life rich pageant, at least it inspires some cool music along the way. And Denial is cool. Well-crafted, accessible, youthful, chilled and dressed in the musical trappings of modernity. I guess if your heart is going to have a rough time, at least your ears get treated to some sweet …or possibly bitter-sweet, music along the way. Some small consolation.

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