What’s in a name? Well, in the case of the curiously named Gemtarra, plenty. A combination of two Italian words Gemilli’ which means twins and ‘Chitarra’ which means guitar, it is a name which sums the band up perfectly. We are used to seeing brothers in the same bands – from The Kinks to Oasis – even sisters,  such as Heart, but twins is an interesting concept. For twins they are and the two words combined is more than apt for their sweet sibling harmonies meets melodic rock meets pop platform.

Perhaps it is a sound which shouldn’t work, an almost doo-wop, girl band sound over a more modern, guitar fuelled rock delivery. But the vocals are compelling, almost punky and the guitar lines deft and well considered and so the two, seemingly opposites, elements attract most unexpectedly. The result is a cheeky, chirpy, sound which draws on 50’s r&b, 60’s pop, 70’s rock and roll, 80’s new wave as well as today’s wonderfully  flagrant attitude towards genres.

If anyone ever tells you that certain types of music don’t blend well together, do it anyway, prove them wrong and create something unique in the process. That seems to be what is happening here and perhaps Fire Me Up is the sound of something being so wrong it is subsequently so right. But that’s how you shape the future I guess.

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