Tired Sounds – Vetnough (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Labels are rubbish, genres even more so. I read the words “indie” and “rock” used as a handle and I immediately think of 5-piece rockers who have polished their sound off sufficiently to have a crack at the charts.  I think of predictability, lack of integrity and of tried and tested formulas. I certainly don’t think of the sort of sound that Vetnough makes. But maybe I should because if this was the benchmark that others working in the same generic field aimed for, modern music might be in a much better state.

The slightly self-deprecatingly titled Tired Sounds is a joy to behold, rocky enough to make an impact, poppy enough to be easily accessible, original enough to be surprising. It balances its guitar lines with some wonderfully beguiling electronica, it favours the slow burn over the quick hit and it is full of music which combines the best of all musical worlds whilst deflty swerving its cliches.

But the most infectious part of the music is Julia Powell’s gorgeous vocals, a rock voice able to do pop, a modern voice echoing with the classic sounds of the past, (there’s a whole Grace Slick vibe going on in there for sure) powerful when required, delicate if needed. Vetnough has to be my find of the year so far…anyone who reminds me of Fassine, certainly in attitude and imagination if not in sonic shared ground… has got to be a band worth exploring further. I’m hooked, whose coming with me?
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