Under My Skin –  Katrina Stuart (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is certainly something about Katrina Stuart’s brand of R&B driven, clubland pop that sets her apart for those around her. It isn’t so much the sounds that she uses or the type of song she is writing, for those aspects, whilst still cleverly wrought, stay within the generic norms for someone with an eye on mainstream chart success. No, what sets her apart is something less tangible, something that is more about her as a person, an ethic, an approach, a vibe perhaps, more so than the mechanics and technical details of the song itself. It’s what gives the song personality, something sadly missing from a lot of other pop artists looking to make the same break through to success.

There is something more sophisticated at work on Under My Skin, something more of the up-town, up-market, up-beat set than the run of the mill clubs that many would happily settle for as a home for the music. And that’s the ingredient that is missing from her rivals, sophistication. Not just in the sonic choices being made, the musical dynamics being employed – the sultry and sensual vocals, the liquid rhythms and the sheer allure of the song – and just about every aspect of the artist image. And after all, like it or not, the music industry is as much about selling the image as it is the music. Sad but true. Katrina Stuart has nothing to worry about not that score either. Ker-ching! Sold!

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