Judgement Day – David Allen (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Inhabiting a space somewhere between contemporary country and bluesy southern rock, Judgement Day both sits comfortably within traditional sounds and pushes boundaries too. There is a lot that fans of such southern sounds will warm too immediately (though it should be noted at this point that David is actually from North Dakota but geography has no bearing on music in the modern world) – guitars slide and riff, drums beat out military tattoos, the lyrics are brooding but it is also the sound of certain genres moving forward.

Washed and swelling Hammond sounds blend with rock weight, the musical dynamic creates light and shade, bluesy cascades shimmer and muscle their way through the proceedings. It sits at the cross-roads of many styles, but then all the best music does. Country fans will appreciate its core sounds, rockers will enjoy the heavy grooves and blues aficionados with dig the dexterity of the playing. Why be good at playing one particular genre when you can write songs which wander around a handful? Doesn’t that sound like more fun to you?

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