Who Calls? – ReLoVe (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As soon as its sassy ska groove comes into earshot, Who Calls? takes me back to my youth, coming of age, as I did, in the shadow of the British Two-Tone movement of the late seventies, its exotic and earthy tones working their way into my very DNA and quenching my musical thirst. But that was just one thread of the genre and I’m sure ReLoVe get their inspirations from altogether different and perhaps more faithful sources, the sound of Caribbean reggae and American soul bound together with pop contagion and breezy brass.

And if we are used to ReLoVe making music which is usually about expressions of unconditional love and euphoric calls for unity and understanding, Who Calls? sees them take a more questioning, more curious route through such musical waters. It tackles the idea of false allies and spiritual warfare, reminds us that, more so than at any other time, we are bombarded with ideas and requests, propaganda and politics, and it is often hard to separate truth from lies, users from real friends. But it manages to surf such intriguing ideas via the medium of sure-footed, island -infused pop of the highest order.

Stay true to your self, is what the song says, listen to your heart, you will know what is true and what are lies if you listen to the voice within you. Detach from the logic of the brain and take on the world via your heart and soul and you will be okay.

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