Stand on Love – ReLoVe (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

What a difference a video makes! Around this time last year Stand On Love found its way to me and, if I recall, I waxed lyrical about the fact that ReLoVe was definitely a band untethered by genre or style. And whilst the video which accompanied it was great, the fact that it was in black and white somehow didn’t quite live up to the euphoric and joyous nature of the song. Such choices might fit more earnest or arty music but Stand On Love is nothing less than a romantic, honest and unbridled statement about nothing less than the power of love itself.

It is the perfect time for the single to rise back up into the collective consciousness, not just because we are entering the season when we are reminded of the fundamental importance of such sentiments but following a year which delivered no end of division and separation, isolation and solitary impositions, this is an important reminder of the things that really matter. And this time it reminds you in full, unabashed, vivid, colour.

And the song is perfect to that end. Across its loose and loving rhythms, its gracious grooves and its gentle and gorgeous tones, it reminds us that even when we are apart, it is love that still holds us together. And although the narrative here is talking about individual relationships, this year, it is also a call to heal the wounds and remember that no matter what tries to keep us apart, love is the thing which bonds us all together. It is the glue in the human condition.

As a video it is gorgeous. Deep, night-time blues dance into golden cityscapes, worlds spin, hands caress, romantic vistas come and go and togetherness is celebrated both through the expressive lyrics but also via the gorgeous imagery. It’s amazing the difference that just this simple act of re-treating the video and dressing it in lush hues to match the loving sonics which it travels with makes. Stand on Love was impressive when it first caught my ear, now it has the visual accompaniment that it truly deserves.

The world might often seem a cold and uncaring place and to say that this has been a difficult year for everyone is an understatement. If this gorgeous and heart-felt single was the perfect sonic present this time last year, it is one hundred times more poignant and perfectly timed now.

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